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Bridge the "Knowing-Doing Gap" Inner Circle
How Would You Like To Achieve More and Have More Success In The Next 12 Months Than You’ve Had In The Past 12 YEARS?
It All Starts With Leveraging the Power of The
Bridge the "Knowing Doing Gap" Inner Circle (BtKDG Inner Circle)
Twice Monthly Live Meetings
Enjoy interacting with like minded, focused individuals twice a month on our live interactive web meetings.   These are "loosely" structured around a topic we highlight in a webinar the week before the master mind.  During these live meetings we help answer questions, gain clarity, commit to actions and overcome barriers to success. 
Accountability Partner(s)
You may select an accountability partner from your group. Move further faster than you dreamed. OR...let the group hold you accountable.   We know accountability is an important aspect of what will move you toward change and success.
Discounts on Programs and Coaching
Phil travels the world training and coaching for large corporations but his passion is with the entrepreneurs.  Members of the Inner Circle have unparalleled access to Phil at discounted rates.  Phil knows some of us need one-on-one attention and he LOVES to help.  This is an invaluable bonus ONLY available to members. 
Goal Genesis Software
Keep track of and celebrate your successes on our state of the art Goal Genesis platform. Normally a $297/yr - yours FREE with your membership to Bridge the "Knowing-Doing Gap" Inner Circle.   
Bonus Content and Courses
Phil provides access to some of his best courses.   You see this is not just another group for Phil...this is a passion.  He is committed to the success of each and every client.   Become a member and experience it yourself!
24/7 Access To Your Group
24/7 Access To Your Peers. Keep in touch with the Inner Circle and accountability partners on your own time via the private Facebook Group. 
Weekly Tips & Updates
Phil will send a webinar or video each week, prior to the mastermind meeting. These will help focus your efforts for the upcoming week.   Phil will keep you engaged and on the path to your vision and goals with tips and tactics along the way.

Listen and watch as some of our members share their experiences with BtKDG Inner Circle

From the Desk of Phil Cicio author of:
From Oil Rags To Riches...How to Live a Life Rich with Purpose
If you’re reading this, we know you, like us, are probably highly driven, success oriented, and strive to consistently finds ways to grow yourself personally and grow both your time freedom and your financial freedom. 

You’re probably also committed to accomplish more, create more, earn more, get the recognition you've always wanted.

But have you ever wondered why you’re still not accomplishing your goals how you’d like to? 

Have you ever noticed that even with all the drive, ambition, and willingness to work harder than anyone else, you’re still missing your goals, sometimes by a long shot? (Or worse...let the dream go?)

Look, here’s the truth... 
It’s not some kind of personal problem you have. Nor is it anyone else's fault.

You, like all of us, need help and the right leverage to consistently “commit to your commitments.”

We knew there had to be a better way than having to go at it on our own wondering...

“What’s wrong with me?... Why can’t I just stick with my goals?”

We knew one of the biggest answers to this problem was combining our personal drive with OTHERS who also have the same ambition and goals.

We’ve joined multiple masterminds over decades of time and we’ve seen them all. We’ve experienced the power of using a mastermind and leveraging a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, and highly successful experts. 

But, over time, we’ve come to realize it’s NOT necessary to have to invest a $25,000 per year mastermind group. In fact, there’s several $25,000 per year mastermind groups you can join, not just one.  

Many of them offer to, maybe, meet twice per year to listen to people share ideas and not get any closer to their personal goals! It’s really just paying to rub shoulders and maybe make a few deals. 

That’s NOT a mastermind! 

To be BLUNT...we got sick and tired of having to look for the right combination of highly driven people who are searching for the leverage of a powerful mastermind without all the shenanigans!

Can you relate?

That’s exactly why we designed this brand new and unique system.
Bridge the "Knowing-Doing Gap" Inner Circle
Listen, how would you like HELP to...
  •  Stay committed to your commitments?
  •  Remain on course re-programming your paradigms? (You'll learn more about this shortly)
  •  Begin to see improvements instantly?
  •  AND gain access to mind expanding strategies that help you on a personal level, beyond the mastermind?
Well, what we’re going to share with you right now will help you to...

  •  Stay committed to your commitments...
  •  Focus on re-programming your paradigms
  •  Gain deeper understanding of your mind and actions
  •  And provide you access to the support you need to succeed.
  •  You will do more in the next 12 months than, perhaps, you’ve accomplished in 12 YEARS!
  •  Provide a place you can come "home to" when you need support and guidance...much like a good family. We know being an entrepreneur can be lonely at times.
Here's What 
Bridge the "Knowing-Doing Gap" Inner Circle Is ALL About:
This Inner Circle is an ongoing series of uniquely designed “Mastermind” Sessions with like minded members all over the all walks of life.   If you're an entrepreneur, in sales or self employed in some way...this is what you need.

Your group is strictly focused on your goals, results, and building powerful relationships within your group.  The focus is on DOING what You know HOW to do...but aren't doing consistently or as effectively as you could.  Your group will ensure you BRIDGE the "Knowing-Doing Gap"
Session are every two weeks and create natural accountability from your peers.  PLUS the Goal Genesis cloud based software will help you stay on track and provide tracking of your plans and goals.
You also have 24/7 access to your group via private Facebook group so you can consistently interact outside of the twice monthly sessions.
Everything is recorded and uploaded to your members area. You’ll also get access to tools, resources, and guides to help you stay on track with your goals and accomplish more...utilizing our proprietary goal achievement platform call Goal Genesis.

"The beauty of the Inner Circle, and Goal Genesis in particular, is in it's simplicity. This allows me and my accountability partner to track my progress and successes in real time, even when I am not able to have a conversation with them."
Locke Haman
Broker/Owner, EXIT New Options Real Estate
WHAT WILL Bridge the "knowing-doing gap" Inner circle DO FOR YOU?
Your Inner Circle Membership is uniquely designed to help you...
We KNOW you know what to do...but ARE you doing it CONSISTENTLY?  Probably not as well as you'd like.  We help you with doing more...more consistently...providing more stability in your income and LIFE!
You'll have more control over your time, create a clear focus and direction, plus learn how to remove distractions that keep you from your goals.  Look, if you always did what you know how to do...and do so with more efficiency with less resistance you'll do more..have more and be more.  Right?  Our mastermind will help you!
Being an entrepreneur, self employed or solely responsible for outcomes is's lonely at the top.  Not anymore...Join us and create more connections with like-minded people who have similar goals and joint venture opportunities...most importantly...UNDERSTAND the challenges and stresses you experience daily.
“I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done already. I have started to apply some of what you taught us and look forward to implementing more. I look over my novel of notes just about daily. I really appreciate people, like you, who take the time to provide tools to others to help us became a better versions of ourselves.”
Samantha Pecynski
The real value of being part of your Bridge the Knowing Doing Gap Inner Circle is WELL OVER the $4,764 per year ($397 per month)...AND that's not what you'll be paying if you act today!

Yes...we's not "cheap".'s nowhere NEAR the $18k to $25k masterminds we've been involved in.   AND...this is not just a 2-4 time per year "get together".   This is ongoing...step by step...sure path to the success that has, until now, eluded you. 

Let us be blunt!  This price is to set the bar high enough so we know we have committed people who will engage and partake in the process.  And, part of it is based on all the work involved in editing and uploading video, engaging on FB, prepping the "pre-meeting" video tips and topics.  A LOT of time and knowledge goes into this program!

And, REALLY, what will it be worth to you when you actually BRIDGE the "Knowing-Doing Gap"? much is one sale worth to you? What is the lifetime value of just one additional client? What would the reduced stress be worth? Stress that is taking it's toll on you physically and emotionally...not to mention your relationships that are taxed.   

We believe, in our heart of hearts, this Inner Circle opportunity is PRICELESS!  You've read what others have said...we know you'll feel the same way.

Back to the investment...We get it. We feel your pain to commit to yet another "thing". We've been there...done that.  SO, here’s what’s even MORE exciting…
Still not sure?   We’re not stopping there.  We want to make this even more valuable to you: 
You'll Also Get These Two Powerful Bonuses When You Join Today:
“The Success Puzzle" online course:
  • Discover how to unlock the pieces that put the picture of your life together
  •  Valued at $97, you get it FREE!
“Born Rich” online course:
  • A Step by Step guide to Building a Better Life!
  •  Valued at $197, you get it FREE! 
From Start to Finish you will be amazed at the simple lessons and insights with these bonuses. You’ll gain even more clarity as to why SUCCESS does not start on the outside, SUCCESS starts on the INSIDE.

Now, before you hurry and become a member, you need to know what this Inner Circle is NOT:
  •  This is not just tele-conferences! This is a fully interactive group where we can see and hear each other, and share ideas collaboratively.
  •  This is not a “meeting” where you sit and listen. This is where we provide you with a focus...then you ask your best questions...give your best ideas and receive feedback on those ideas so you can actually implement the best of your ideas and not waste time with the less effective ideas.  
  •  This is NOT a preaching session where one person talks the whole time. Everyone is welcome to participate, ask questions, and provide value and expertise.   We've honed this to a powerful process!   
  •  This  is NOT entertainment!   We will engage you in the process...if you want to sit on the sidelines then this is NOT for you, Period!

“I can say a lot of wonderful things about Phil and the program. The most noticeable benefit to both myself and my team was the positive energy and awareness of how we can control our outcomes by changing our mindset. It is not just his job or product. He is vested in each person in the program and truly wants everyone to succeed and achieve their personal goals. That in itself makes this program one of a kind ”
K. Byrnes-Benkart
It’s important that you understand this offer is NOT for everyone!

If you’re not someone who’s driven to achieve big goals, improve your lifestyle, and ultimately develop yourself and help others do the same, then we’re afraid this isn’t going to be a good fit. Please pass on this offer.   

And as we've already said...this is not just "entertainment".  If you just want to feel like you're doing something by investing in course after course never really engaging in the "DOING" that's what this is all about. BUT, you have to be willing!   Willing to be challenged, stretched, and held accountable.

However, if you’re ready to achieve more and have more success in the next 12 months than you’ve had in the past 12 YEARS…AND BEYOND... and you believe in the power of have a like-minded peer group to help make this a reality…and are willing...
Here's What To Do Next...
First, decide to let the past go and move toward your vision of success today…

We know the "gremlin...or prison guard" in your mind is creating some discomfort right now… Just say YES and Take Control! Decide Kick that "Prison Guard", along with its incessant babble, to the curb RIGHT NOW...SILENCE the inner critic!

All you have to do now is click below to join the Bridge the "Knowing-Doing Gap" Inner Circle at this amazing Launch Price before we release it to the public at the full price.
Enroll as ANNUAL member: one time payment of ONLY $2997?
Enroll Now To Become a Quarterly Member of this POWERFUL Mastermind (and more)!
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